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vacation france

I have never been on vacation in France, but I would absolutely love to. I would like to travel the countryside, preferably by car, for ultimate freedom. I would probably begin from the North, and head out West towards Brittany, or Bretagne, which is the westernmost part of the country. There are some absolute gems out there in the form of old towns for shopping and dining, and long stretchy beaches for riding and frolicking on. Also the landscape is amazing, with old castles, some of them with authentic accommodation.


Soon we'll go to Holland again, so it's time for shopping lists. Every time we drive there we come back with a full car. It's not that you cannot buy everything you need here, it's more that a lot of things are more expensive in Sweden. Electronics, clothes both for us and for the children, toys, certain groceries. And of course there's the traditional dutch things we like to have here and also the things they should sell here, but we don't know where to buy them. This time we'll also have a stop in Germany and we're also looking ...

what an adventure

I have some friends and they are going out in the forest these days weekly to pick mushrooms. I dare not to eat self-picked mushrooms but I think that is because I am not well known with this and I think the Swedish people are. Instead of picking I carry the special baskets while I accompany my experienced friends just because I like it so much to wander in the forest. We do not stay on existing trails, there are no mushrooms left. Sometimes we need our gps to find our way out of the forest again. What an adventure.